Killekill, Earwiggle, Shipwrec, Acid Avengers - UK

Inspired by many of the classic Chicago / Detroit / electro / techno producers, like the finest, the sound of Dez Williams is unique, uncompromising and unpredictable. His vision of techno is deep and futuristic with a heavy dose of funk. His tracks can range from driving techno, to melancholy and dark synthesizer orchestrations, ghostly deep listening, straight up electro cuts and beyond. Sometimes simple, sometimes complex, within his sounds are vast amounts of detail for the listener to decipher. Dez remains true to the underground and simply creates for the love and need to do. The mark of a true artist. He continues to DJ and play live sets worldwide and has had releases on a variety of record labels including Bedouin, Earwiggle, Trust, Minimal Soul, Warmdata, Acruacree, Ai, Cheap, SCSI-AV, Blase, Voodoo, and Ben Sims’ Native imprint.

Inspiré par les grands classiques de l’electro et de la techno de Detroit, Dez Williams a développé un son unique, loin des formatages et des compromis. Techno furieuse, electro mélancolique, synthés dark, lignes acid, touche funk et constructions complexes sont autant d’éléments à la base de ses morceaux fleuves. Dez joue en live mais aussi en dj set à travers le monde entier, et sort de nombreux disques sur des labels tels que Killekill, Acid Avengers, Earwiggle, Shipwrec, Trust, Minimal Soul, SCSI-AV, ou encore le label de Ben Sims Native.

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